Why we "just say no" to some "business opportunities"

Since our founding in 1969 there have been quite a number of cryonics companies come and go. One reason we are still here and they are gone has been our realistic outlook. Cryonics (for the masses) may well be an idea whose time has not yet come. Our company is structured to survive without mass enrollment and without the financial assistance from a deep-pocketed "sugar daddy" or "sugar momma".

From the beginning we made use of boot-strap planning that allowed us to utilize the energy and assistance of other companies without being controlled by them. We also have endeavored to be "light on our feet" to avoid sinking large amounts of capital into equipment and technology that is outmoded almost as soon as it is in place. We steer clear of various "pie in the sky" promises by promoters and others who view cryonics only as a financial opportunity.

There is, of course, a down-side to such independance. Like most self-sufficent organizations with limited assets run largely by volunteers, we can't solve problems by throwing a lot of money at them or by just hiring more workers. There are always projects and tasks that would probabily help us achieve our goals that we would like to do but must decline or postpone. Also volunteer effort is often less efficient and reliable than that of paid workers.

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