ACS Members Are In Charge At ACS

Some organizations use the term "members" to describe what are (by most reconings) simply its customers. Such "members" often have nothing to do with running the company, don't vote for Directors, and often are not privey to information on company operations and policies. ACS is a true membership company. That is, our members run the organization. Members elect a Board of Governors which in turn elects officers, and is generally responsible for company operations. We have a detailed procedure to ensure that information and opinion can be passed on from member to member and from member to management.

As a member of the American Cryonics Society you will be invited to participate in operations and planning. You may wish to serve on a committee, be a candidate for election to the Board of Governors, or do writing for our publication on various subjects of interest to cryonicists. If you have an interest in the medical aspects or of cryonics or have medical training, you may want to be part of a suspension or standby team, or serve as an advisor. People with legal training are welcome to assist us in legal strategy plans.

Since we must accommodate the wishes and interests of members who may live virtually anywhere on earth, we are striving to find ways to enable people living well away from the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in the activities of the society. We now regularly have Governors attend meetings by conference phone and may soon set up "virtual meeting" by way of internet connections.

Elections are conducted in accordance with some fairly strict guidelines to try to ensure that candidates can make their positions known to voters.

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